Friday, April 8, 2011

Final Story...


Suddenly he awoke from a deep sleep and found himself lying on a random bed. He got up and searched the room trying to find something that he could use to find out where he was.  He saw a TV set and turned it on, it was on a news channel and he saw that it had been a couple days since he last knew what day it was.  Had all this time actually passed he thought in his head?  He saw a door and walked into another room to find himself finding another door and another.  He kept going through them until he came to a dark lit room with a door that had a light coming from underneath it. He also saw a shadow of two legs. He walked up to the room door and put his ear as close as he could trying to hear if the people outside were saying anything. They were muttering back and forth in another language. It must have been Russian because all the things in the room seemed to follow the Russian culture. Gathering himself to believe that he was captured, he tried to put together a plan that would let him out He didn’t have many resources and supplies but he did have his intensive training and he was the best secret agent out there. He carefully opened the door and smashed the guards into each other. They bought were knocked out and he silently moved across the hall trying to see if he could get himself out of the building. It was very complicated but he came to fire exit with a map and mapped himself a way out. It was a very big building and there were guards everywhere. He kept taking them out but it was only temporary that they would be shut down for. He knew he had to make it out of there soon before the whole army was on him. He decided to put on one of the soldiers uniform and use it as protection. Along the way he came up to the armory room and found weapons. He knew it had to be quiet and quick so he grabbed small weapons and silencers, making sure he only grabbed a few not to have too much on him. Walking out he came up to three guards and walked right past them. His costume had worked, but it would be only a few minutes before he was compromised and all the other guards he had taken out were found by the other guards that had just passed him. He began to run in the direction he was heading until he came up to a dead end. Looking around frantically he couldn’t find anything so he ran the way he came back and came up to door on the left. Entering the room he found a window and looked out of it. He was about twenty to thirty stories high and the outside was flat so he couldn’t escape from the outside. He went back out and looked for a stair well; still he couldn’t find anything so he went back to the room. In the room there was a bed with some linens, so he grabbed them and tied them together to make a rope. A few feet under him outside there was another window. He decided to tie them to a door and began climbing his way down the rope. Before he entered the window he searched it and it was empty. He tried to lift the window and it didn’t work, so he kicked back and smashed through it. Once he got himself back up he opened the room door and made his way out. There was no one there, everything looked abandoned. Walking down the hall he came up to a security room and found cameras and TVs watching everything. He took a look and saw that the building had actually been completely abandoned, but there was a full army force waiting at the front of the building waiting to come out. He thought that at this point everything was going to end, because there was no way out of the building. He knew he needed to buy some time and contact someone for help. He tried to find a phone and had no luck. Luckily there was a computer, but it didn’t work. He was ending up with some bad luck but he did find a signal radio. Not finding anything else he tried to hook up the radio and computer so he could get a code out for help. He sent out a morse code for help and the navy responded. They were on their way to where he sent the code from. Turns out they were actually looking for him. He still knew that he had to buy some time because they might have been a little further than expected from each other. There was another armory room and he got supplies from there and decided to set up a trap in the hallway, just in case someone decided to come up and get him. The security room was the best room for him he thought so he stuck it out in there. All he had was a bunch of grenades a machine gun with magazines enough to staff a small armory and a clever. He was set and ready. Suddenly a bomb went off and the army was making its way up searching every place possible looking for him. They were still many floors under him but he needed more time so he decided to move up in the building. Finding the stair well he started placing some of the c4 and other bombs he had found in the armory to delay the come up of the army. The noises were getting closer and closer and the gun fire was everywhere. They were breaching and clearing every room. There must have been more prisoners here because he heard people screaming from a two way radio that he had taken from the guard he had killed earlier. They were on to him and they knew he was dressed as one of them; there was no way to pull off that he was a part of them because they were clearing all the rooms and all the guards that were in the building had left. Grabbing onto his gun he was ready for a fight even though he was outnumbered by a big shot he still wouldn’t go down without a fight. The army got closer and closer and he set off his traps. They were now becoming more frustrated that one guy had done this damage to the army. They knew to walk in caution because of the traps. Suddenly one of the guards had spotted him and came at him, not knowing what to do he let off another bomb and the guy exploded right in front of him and his body shattered everywhere. The navy was here to save him; it would only be a few more minutes of wasting time before he would be rescued. He took his gun and started to the top there was a chopper waiting up there for him. As he made his way up a guard that he had taken down earlier got up and wanted to fight. He smacked him with his gun and kept going up. Once he was on the roof he ran to the helicopter and jumped into it. It took off and went to safety; the only thing was it didn’t look to be the US. It was another country, at that point a guy on the chopper put a needle into him and he felt drowsy and suddenly fainted. It was back to square one; he was captured by another country and taken to a different prison building.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Class Reflection Journal

Things that I really liked about the class was that it was simple and easy to understand. It really helped just to come and write. I really enjoyed doing the lyrics assignment because it was a nice way to learn the meaning of songs and being exposed to more types of music than what I am used to listening to. I think that this class was good because it was also a calm atmosphere and we got time to work and write. I learned a lot more about poetry too. It helped me build on writing poetry and seeing how it is really put into music in different ways.

Things that I disliked was the writing the short stories because it really got lengthy and at some points I just kept rambling and adding detail that was not needed to it. Another thing was that the daily journals were getting kind of boring after awhile. Also the time was an issue because over half of the class was taken by daily journal and lyrics. The lyrics was good but the journal time was really lengthy especially on some days where there was not much to write about.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Restaurant Experience

The worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant was when we were at the airport in England. I remember my dad had a sky lounge pass and we went into it. The food looked good but once I had some of it, the food wasn't that great. What they had to offer wasn't good either, most the things there didn't look good to me so I didn't take it. I was really hungry so I had some smaller things but the food just wasn't right. I think it was meant for older people or just because they didn't have anything else because it didn't look really popular either.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Restaurant Journal

I would make an italian restaurant. It would be called Heaven full of Pasta. It would be a proper sit down restaurant with a nice atmosphere and the food would be the best. The best dish there would be the alfredo and it would be the best in the country. We would also have other pasta dishes that are really good too but the alfredo would be the special. It would have more of a calm and relaxing touch to it with some lighting and nice seats to sit in. The restaurant would have to be in a really nice area in California. The food would be a little bit more expensive but the food would be high quality and the dishes would be really big because we would want to feed you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Picture Journal

The man stood there. He looked around and all he could see was a chair. He grabbed it and lifted it above him. This was his favorite chair so he knew that if he didnt have to smash it he wouldn't. He sat there and watched the small critter move under the rug. It wouldn't stop moving, it kept going in circles. He grabbed the rug and slightly moved it a bit. The thing ran into his favorite table that had an antique lamp on it and the lamp started to shake it was just about to fall. He quickly threw the chair down and smashed it onto the thing that was underneath the rug and it stopped moving. He waited and there was still no movement. He wrapped the thing in the rug and tossed it out the window.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sci-Fi Story Paper

The Story………..

I suddenly awoke, finding myself in a large room and in an ice cold container. I stepped out and looked around searching for someone or something but nothing was there. I am careful and try and make my way out of the room. As I open the door, I hear voices in a distance, so I open the door slightly so I can peek out and see what is going on. All I could see were people everywhere and they had lab coats on. Things were getting creepier by the second, so I decided to get some clothes on that were on the table and walk out. Then all of a sudden an old man came up to me and looked happy. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I turned around and walked the other way. He screamed my name and I kept walking. He screamed my name again and I decided to turn around to confront him. He kept going on about what had happened a hundred years ago and that I was frozen until now. He said that we were in the year 2111 and I was about to lose my mind. I thought this was some crazy joke so I turned around and ran. I couldn’t get out of the building since everything was so complicated and under surveillance. I had no idea what was going on and was about to lose my mind, when he took me to my room and showed me a story on a TV. Everything was different, technology had evolved and trends had changed. It was coming to me more and more that I could actually be in the year 2111 and that this was not a joke. As I learned more, he helped me get comfortable with my surroundings and took me to the cafeteria to get me some food. I wondered what the food would be like since I hadn’t eaten in a hundred years. As I was eating, I  kept wanting more, everything was so delicious. Once I was done having my dinner, one of the workers came up to me and took me to the training room. He said that this is where my training would take place. I didn’t know why I was being trained, but I was told I would be filled in with the details at a later time, so I went with it. After the intense training session, they sent me to my room to freshen up. In my room there was a huge shower, it was the best shower that I had taken ever the water was perfect and I wanted to stay in it forever but I had to get to the meeting room quickly, so I left after awhile. In the meeting room, I was filled in on everything. The things they said were rushing through my mind. I was supposed to be a driver for a intelligent supercar called KITT. I didn’t know what KITT was but after they took me to the main area where the car was being worked on. It was amazing; I was beginning to get excited that I was going to get to drive this car. I went up to it and sat inside of it, when all of a sudden it began talking to me. I didn’t know what was going on but it knew everything about me and it suddenly closed the driver side door and the big garage door opened up. It happened so fast I didn’t know what to do. It told me to take the wheel and buckle up. I was now ready to take this car for a drive and we tore out of the garage. I didn’t have any control of the car because KITT was controlling everything. I told it to let me drive but it denied my request, so I just went along. We were now flying at 150 mph and were still rising. After going in an enormous circle of the airfield we went back into the garage and parked, so I could be let out. I was determined to be the driver of this car and was still was very nervous about being a part of this project.  I had a talk with the master again and he went on giving me all the details of the car and the assignment that I had of taking down its clone car that was causing havoc around everywhere. He said that all the descriptions were similarly same but that KITT was a better car and that the driver was unknown in the other car. He said that there might not even be a driver so that I would have to be careful in taking it down. Going on I began to wonder if this was the mission for me and wondered why I had been chosen to be the driver of this car. He told me that  the car and I were alike and that I had been destined to be the driver of this car. I went back to my room and laid down, so many thoughts were running through my head right now and I kept thinking that if I was chosen I had to complete this mission and not fail. I went back to the garage and talked to KITT, I told him that I wanted to go for a drive and that I would drive and control the car. It went along with me and we tore out of the garage. Once we were out of the airfield and into the city the master came onto the screen of the car and told me to come back because I wasn’t ready. I kept driving and ignored him until KITT took over. We ended up going back to the hangar and the master gave me a handful. He told me I wasn’t supposed to take the care without clearance because work was still being done on it and that the car was not perfect yet. I just listened but he said that I would be able to take it for a test run tomorrow again.
                The next day had arrived and I got ready and hopped into the car. As I left the hanger and got into the city, I found the other KITT car. It was driving around wild, we were then spotted and it came after us. I didn’t know what to do, so I let KITT take over and it tried to get us away. It kept chasing us and would back down, so I took over and turned the car around. The fight had just begun and I didn’t fully know what the buttons meant in the car but the master had come on the screen and began to help me. He told me to get out of there if I could and run, but I told him that it wasn’t possible because the other car had kept chasing us and we couldn’t lose it. He said that there were weapons on the car that would help but he didn’t know if they were fully functional yet on the car. I pressed some button and nothing happened, I then knew that he was right, not all controls worked yet on the car. He told me to drive and gave me a GPS point location to a safe house. I floored it straight out and let KITT take over again and we were near to the safe house, with the other KITT car still on our tail. The master then told me there was a barrier that would shut down the car before I reached the safe house so I would have to then take over. As we got closer the other KITT car turned around and left, it had sniffed out the barrier and since it didn’t have a driver, it left. I finally got back to the hanger and had a word with the master.
                “Get it ready and fully functional because the next time we come in contact with the other KITT car it will be the last time for one of the cars,” I said.
                “Your right, we will get to work on it right away and everything will work, just give us some time,” said the master.
I went to my room and refreshed myself a bit, I now saw what the other car could do and that it was very smart too. I needed to be smarter and one step ahead of it to take it out for good. I went to the garage and talked to KITT.
                “KITT, we got one mission and we need to succeed, once you are ready together we will destroy the other car,”
                “Yes, but I see hesitation in your voice sir,”
                “I just hope we can do it because only one of us will come out,”
                “I understand, we can do it.”
I had some doubt, but I knew we could do it somehow. I had for some reason become sort of attached to the car. Maybe the master was right, I was meant to drive it. I went to the master’s room and he gave me in detail all of the weapons and options on the car. He said that some of them were limited so I had to use the well and not waste any of them. He said the car would support and help and I had to do only few of the things it couldn’t.
                After awhile the car was finally ready, diagnostics had been completed and there were no flaws on the car. Out on the airfield I did some training and practicing with the car just to make sure everything worked and functioned as it was supposed to. Things worked out great and I took the car back in to get it resupplied and ready for the next run. The other KITT car was still causing trouble in the city and I was ready to take it on the next time we met.
                I decided to go for a little cruise into the city and see more in depth of what it was like and what it had to offer. So many things had changed and everything was different. It was so nice and peaceful, that everyone there was having a great time and enjoying themselves. I decided to go to a restaurant that had been rated as one of the best in the country and the food there was amazing. Starting as you walk in the service was great and quick. I wanted to stay there forever but the KITT called me. The master had given me a watch and when something was wrong KITT would beep in to me. I ignored it at first but then it wouldn’t stop so I went out to the car. KITT told me that the other KITT car was coming closer and closer to us and that it was do damage to the other part of the city. KITT then took off and we were heading in the direction of the other car, when suddenly it found us. It stopped right in front of us and sat there. It then turned around and went in the other direction. I told KITT to follow it and we did for miles until we reached an abandoned factory. This is where the other KITT car was hiding and we were on its home turf. Out of a door it flew at us and hit us, it was now on. I turned the defenses up and we watched as we were being circled. I shot it with some of the guns but it was as good as us and it didn’t let up. The battle kept going on and on and soon we were almost out of ammo. I turned to the screen and started to talk to the master,
                “You’re on your own, find a weakness and take the other car out. I don’t know what else to do.” he said.
                “Thanks, looks likes I only have few supplies left, let’s do it.” I said back.
I turned back and began to KITT.
                “KITT, it’s on us now, let’s go,”
                “Yes sir.”
I had an idea. The only way to get rid of the car was to destroy it for good. Since our defenses were still good, there was only one way, going head on at the car and crashing it. I turned the car around and went back and spun the car around. We had to get speed; the other car remained where it was. I pressed the foot down all the way and told KITT to give it all it had. I turned not to look as we collided head on. I looked up and I was still there alive. The car had been severely damaged and the other car was destroyed. I got out and went to look at scrap left of the other car. It had been destroyed and this time for good. I went back to my car and KITT wouldn’t answer me. I drove it back to the hanger as fast as I could but the car had been damaged pretty badly. As I got in I told the master to fix it and get it done fast.
                As time went by, I went back to the garage and the car looked like new. I sat in and KITT began to talk again. We were finally back as a team again and had completed the mission to destroy the bad clone KITT car.

Behind her the noise escalated Journal

Behind her the noise escalated and I don't know what the noise was. I am going to free write because this is a weird topic to write about. The weather is finally getting a little better outside again and a lot of the snow is gone. I am so happy spring is almost here. The Twins also have their season opener against the Toronto Blue Jays tonight so it should be a solid game. This season should be good for the Twins and hopefully we can make it to the playoffs. I don't know what else to write......